Saturday, May 20, 2017

1 chance in 82,944,000 the man buried in the SHROUD of TURIN is not Jesus.

On a Gematria Calculator when you type in Jesus of Nazareth it comes up 1128
When you type in Shroud of Turin it comes up 1128
Jesus of Nazareth 1128 Shroud of turin 1128
Behold the Image of Edessa 1128
It's not a painting 1128
It's The Mandylion 1128
Shroud of Turin 1128
A Picture of Jesus 1128
3D Hologram of Jesus 1128
Jesus of Nazareth 1128
Shroud is Genuine 1128
3D Hologram of the King 1128
A Picture of the King 1128
Israeli King Jesus 1128
Risen Lord Jesus 1128

Then there is
Beaten and crucified nude 1128
Cruelly Scourged 1128
A Brutal Scourging 1128
Crown of Thorns 1128
Right side Pierced 1128
Legs Not Fractured 1128
Removed From linen 1128