Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Cost Of Universal Healthcare for immigrant jihadists In California: A Mere 2x The State's Entire Annual Budget SB562

So, come to Kalifornia, as an illegal immigrant or jihadi, and get free healthcare forever. The residents will pay, at 400 billion a year. For real. Forever.

400 BILLION DOLLARS A YEAR, to be built into the state taxes so that every single Californian has to pay, all the time. Wow. Wow, just $10,250 per man, woman, and child in Cali - each and every year...cracker, so pony up the money and shut up, you have no voice and check your white, cracker ass privilege.

Do you get to have any of this free healthcare, USA citizen and Cali resident? NOT A DIME.

But you do get to pay for it. They intend to build it into sales tax, property tax, income tax, et al. You will be paying every single way possible, to come up with the 400 billion. You also get to pay for increased health care insurance costs, because you white privileged honky cracker, you deserve to get screwed. So say the left.

Remember white boy, the new rules - as given by the media, democrats, BLM, the LGBTQFUCKO crowd, and libtards

  • Learn how to be a good kidnap victim
  • You have no voice nor rights
  • You are a white pig who legislators and professors say should be killed by people of color, unless you are gay or lesbian.
  • You should be either fired or demoted from your profession, to make way for women and any and all people of color. 
  • You should expect to NOT GET HIRED, because the white man doesn't deserve to earn a living. He deserves to starve, become homeless and arrested, and be an outcast.

Welcome to the new world order. And it's here. In force. And it's too late to do anything about it. My book, AMERICA 2000 AND BEYOND, has now become a manual for daily life in our land.

NWO puppets killing to create a new slave state society.

They want to destroy the only group capable of fighting their satanic agenda, christian white males. This is why everyone else gets empowered and CWMs get eviscerated.