Sunday, May 14, 2017

Ransomeware attacks are HOMEMADE CIA NSA OPS

The big clue is all this started on the full moon. A satanic tell, as always.

Let's get a few things clear...

Billions of dollars of damages has been done so far - hospitals are shutting down, factories are closing.

The NSA created the software in cooperation with Microsoft.

They failed to secure the software. At least that is the cover story, if you believe anything these child killing satanists ever have to say.

Now - a month after this was known to be coming - the NSA did NOTHING.

Microsoft did NOTHING.

The Pentagon (cyber defense command) did NOTHING. Of course not, this is an op. You don't fight your very own op. That would be stupid.

The have no idea how to stop it and they have no idea who is behind it. At least that is what the scoundrels, WHO ARE BEHIND IT, say to us and their bitches in the MSM.

That's what we get for the HUNDREDS OF BILLIONS of dollars we've given these idiots.