Wednesday, June 5, 2024

Bird Flue Hoax

  • install jew nephilim president after all the other contenders get murdered (37 candidates murdered);
  • THREE DAYS LATER bird flu no longer just causes pink eye, it's the new Mexico lock-down scamdemic, don't you know.
  • Also, THREE DAYS EARLIER, the WHO treaty was  passed,  giving the phreaks total control over reality on earth.


The previous Mexican President called the 2020 scamdemic for the hoax it was and refused to do lockdowns. He's gone. Now the whore of babylon walks the land and it wants to bathe in Castillian blood and the blood of martyrs. 

 Death was actually caused in  WHO LABORATORY using stem cells. THEY CREATED THE JUMP TO PEOPLE. If you believe these fictions from the nephy reptoids.


You people need to help your friends and neighbors understand the truth of things. It's up to you to speak loudly and often.

They want to wipe us out. Understand? They don't want to wait on freewill anymore. It's out and out murder. Period. They will do it at the point of a gun.

It's the MRNA mark of the beast. With new and improved circuits from 3 years of actual studies on the last scam.

Better to die on your feet than in a FEMA death camp.