Friday, June 30, 2023

Ukraine's depopulation and the Edomite satanists Jerusalem 2.0


Finally, they are beginning to understand something. You're being killed because the Edomites want to create Jerusalem 2.0 whilst pissing on the graves of one of the scattered tribes of the True Israel. 

Not if the principals are dead, dookie boy.


A nasty, child trafficking/killer beast thing.

Ukie command leadership - satanic  phreaks.


Their plan is to have their Jerusalem to escape to, when the judgments of the Holy Word descend upon the spiritually stained and blighted lands of Israel. It's what the satanic cabal is working toward, knowing the outcome in Israel for their sins since 1947, which are substantial, exceeding every nation in the world. The only reason the place is still standing is because Jerusalem 1.0 is a cosmopolitan city with real holy people from all walks of life living there. Their faith, love and innocence balances the horrific evil of the wailing wall child trafficking slugs of the Middle East.

That's a fact.

Ukraine had become a country of faithless witches, covens, and globohomo. Now, those with a shred of soul have turned to Yeshua and our Father, and their plans are already failing. 

  • The adjudications move forward; 
  • the damned are falling and will fall. 
  • The covens, no more, mostly. 
  • The bio labs undone. 
  • The trafficking a trickle of what once was. 


How about I wipe that snarky smile off your faces? How'd that be?