Tuesday, June 27, 2023

New MI law can make hurting someone’s feelings punishable by up to 5 years in prison

Ah...so speaking about anything other than being PRO GAY, PRO EDOMITE, PRO CRT can land one in prison. In Michigan. For 5 years.

All it takes is to be accused. By any of the "protected" class.

The protected class being anything the satanists promote as acceptable to themselves, as they control ALL the state and federal governments and law enforcement.

If this passes the senate, its going to cost the Rothschild's a great deal. Every action has an opposite but more than equal reaction, in this case. For this is really about incarcerating any saints and gentiles turning to the True Light of Christ and discovering the great truths of Earth. And once it passes there, another dozen states will instantly mimic, as demons do, this fascism. 

A bill like this makes sites like mine and others a crime and the collaborating CIA/Google machine will, to gleefully comply, at once wipe out every truth site they have any kind of access to.

Count on it.



Last week, the Michigan House passed the new legislation by a 59-50 vote, giving prosecutors sweeping new powers to prosecute “hate speech” the always vaguely defined term that has been increasingly used to punish and otherwise censor dissent and legitimate political speech in Western society that has on a global level, become unmoored from traditional values and is drifting ever faster into outright totalitarianism.

That totalitarianism has once again reared its head in the Wolverine State with the Democrat majority advancing House Bill 4474 which establishes that even “feeling threatened” is a crime that could lead to a $10,000 fine and five years behind bars.

Welcome to hell, America. This is what passive do nothing gets a people.