Sunday, September 19, 2021

Worldwide The eyes and ears of the state gangstalking

Every person you see in these clips are coven members. See, it's not about race, but affiliation. They target trouble makers, whistle blowers, those BRIGHT with the Holy Spirit.

The people targeted are good people. That's what they hate. The light. The good. Those that SEE and KNOW.

They do it because they are paid to do it.

I actually met a guy who was dating someone I knew. His day job was as a meter reader for Edison Electric. But that was a cover, for he rarely ever went to work. That was his paycheck. His real job was to, at a moment's notice, go to an assigned spot given to him and pick up the target and follow the team LEAD. Go here, turn left, get on her six, like that.

Sometime times it was passive; they didn't want you to know. Many times it is aggressive; they want you to know, get angry, scared, fearful, hopeless...

That never worked with me. I just got serious about it all and learned how to deal with them. Something about Holy Fire they simply do not like. Especially by the tons. Which I was and am still, happy to provide.