Thursday, September 23, 2021

⁣Get Mark of Beast Jordan Peterson demonic

For you Peterson fans...didn't you know he was in the club? This mind controlling freak came out of nowhere one day a few years back and was treated on EVERY SINGLE HOW ONLINE AND ON TV IN THE WORLD, over night. Like he had always been around. Somone I know got hypnotized by this bastardo and pulled everyone he knew into Jordan's spider web of pop psych, many of them losing their faith, including his best friend.

Just the same way the "Health Ranger" appeared. One day nothing. Next day, he's everywhere, doing interviews, many products and sites and speaking engagements; constantly on TV and Radio.

And now, Joe Mercola, yeah that guy, another CIA coven asset, is and was shilling a "way to reverse the damage of the vaccine and all that."

You cannot reverse a genome that is rewriting your genome in your own body. You would have to kill the Mrna sequencing, which by definition means to kill the host.