Sunday, September 26, 2021

It's the tech rolling out around us that will be our downfall

Add to it though, apathy, fear, routine, acceptance of the group. All these hurdles make it quite easy to manipulate people when these are their primary functioning frequencies of their soul. Quite easy.

My cell phone has only ever been, talk and text. Ever. So, all these apps others have used, are using, the whole smash, I NEVER KNEW THEM. When I see the world around me lost in their smartphones, to me I see zeta state droids, lost in space. When the artificial, the digital, replaces the organic, the analog...well, enough said.

Forget the Beast. Regular folks today wouldn't even understand him and his modality if they were standing right next to it. I know this because both him and the tech, is already all around them, standing on each side of their life.