Monday, June 17, 2019

Robert Mueller a hero? To the satanic left? Well, this guy ran the following ops, directly under his personal supervision.

He is merely another compliant tool of the Deep State(satanic Illuminati). His real job is as MISTER FIXER. That's what he does.
This guy has a lot of blood on his hands. Wonder what job they will give him next or is it book tour time and big fees for speaking engagements, the usual payoff scam they do with their high profile operatives.

No one enters the Deep State (satanic Illuminati) and stays with it for any length of time without getting sullied. The Deep State is not unlike the Mafia or any other shady business organization. It utilizes personnel who further its interests. “Productive” employees are those who further the interests of the State. They are retained and promoted. The “unproductive” are cashiered.

Both productive and unproductive are defined in terms of advancing the goals of the Deep State which do not coincide with the goals of the people. When viewed in this fashion, swamp dwellers can be judged in terms of tenure. The longer a person has been in Washington, all other things equal, the more corrupt he/she is.

All these pundits, shills, and politicians who are fawning all over the place on this guy have to know what kind of evil scumbag this...thing...this nephilim hybrid is.

Mueller misconduct and his position in the DOJ/FBI:

  1. 9-11-2001 — FBI Director Failure of the FBI to investigate suspicious characters reported to the FBI in the fall of 2000 by Dr. David Graham, former Air Force officer and dentist friend of Mr. Milkovich, who suspected that the men were planning a terrorist attack on Barksdale Air Force Base, home for a Nuclear B52H Air Wing.  Dr. Graham reported his concerns to the local FBI office and was “stunned and outraged” in September 2001 when he saw after 9-11 that two of the men were in the group of 9-11 terrorist hijackers.  Dr. Graham protested to the FBI, was rebuffed, raised a political ruckus, threatened to write a book, and shortly thereafter was poisoned but survived with severe injuries and disability.  During his treatment at two medical facilities, FBI agents appeared and encouraged physicians to let Dr. Graham die because they said he was mentally ill and suicidal.
  2. Boston Mob 1984 — Asst. U.S. Attorney and Acting U.S. Attorney Boston Providing cover for the Whitey Bulger Winter Hill  Boston gang that committed murders and, of course, other crimes.  The FBI framed four men, who were convicted and incarcerated for murder.  The FBI was found culpable, and more than $100 million was awarded in compensation to the injured parties.
  3. Pan Am 103 1988–2001 — Chief of the Criminal Justice Division of the DOJ Was in charge of the investigation of the 1988 Pan Am 103 Lockerbie plane bombing killed 258 passengers and 11 on the ground.  Army major Charles McKee, who headed a Middle East hostage rescue team, was returning to the U.S. on Pan Am 103 with evidence to expose CIA-sponsored criminal activity.   After the plane was destroyed, Mr. Mueller supervised an army of FBI agents on the investigation, and finally, 12 years later, the case went to trial by a panel of Scottish judges.  Two Libyans were tried for murder; Al Amin Fhima was found not guilty, and Abdelbaset al-Megrahi was found guilty, sentenced to 20 years.  Many references by Mr. Milkovich provide a case that asserts that the FBI’s incompetent investigation failed to bring to justice Ahmed Jibril, the terrorist who arranged to plant the bomb, and others, including CIA agents, who were complicit in the bombing order to eliminate Major McKee.
  4. BCCI 1991,92 — Chief of the FBI Criminal Justice Division Mr. Mueller was actively and energetically involved in providing cover for the criminal malfeasance and perfidy by officials of the Bank of Credit and Commerce International (BCCI), cover-ups for black ops, money-laundering, and financing of international criminal activities.  Mr. Mueller and the FBI interfered with the investigation by Manhattan district attorney Robert Morgenthau.
  5. Ruby Ridge 1992 — Chief of the FBI Criminal Division The FBI tried to get Randy Weaver to be an undercover informant on separatist groups in Idaho, but he was not cooperative.  Then federal agents (Marshals and what the FBI claimed to be a hostage rescue team) surrounded his isolated cabin in the mountains, and there was a 11-day siege, punctuated by a killing of Weaver’s wife from cover while she stood on a porch holding a baby.  In addition, the son was shot in the back with a machine gun, running from the gunfire.  Mueller objected publicly to anyone who would criticize the FBI conduct. Enema of the State. This guy is a first class SOB.
  6. 9-11-2001 — FBI Director Mueller was named FBI director one week before 9-11-2001, and his conduct and actions related to the catastrophe are another indication of his corrupt nature.  Milkovich makes the case that not only did Mueller arrange to evacuate Saudis after 9-11, but he obstructed, covered up, and obfuscated what the FBI knew about the terrorist plot the CIA and Military were doing and made sure Saudi involvement before the attacks would be a possible and visible cover in case the op was blown. Which it was to a few of us, like NSASUCKS (shot, lived), Bill Cooper-Hour of the Time (shot, died), Cyberspace orbit (cancered, died). The loud mouths were quickly shut up. But the public wouldn't wake up until many years had passed. Yes, Mr. President, some of us cannot ever forget 911...and what it did to OUR LIVES.
  7. Anthrax Terror Post 9-11-2001 — FBI Director when the post-9-11 anthrax mailings killed five and injured 14 others in the D.C. area shortly after 9-11, Mr. Mueller as FBI director was heavily involved in the investigations and accusations of two scientists who ended up innocent.  Dr. Bruce Ivins committed suicide, and Steve Hatfill won an award of $5.8 million dollars when he sued the FBI for prosecutorial misconduct.  Mr. Milkovich focuses on Ivins and does not discuss the Hatfill matter in his book.
To a non-swamp dweller, this list is a litany of failures and criminal outcomes.

However, to a swamp dweller, these findings are convenient. “The most respected man in Washington” appears to have made many mistakes in terms of the law and equity. But hey all seem to go in the right direction (at least for the Deep State)(satanic Illuminati).

The notion of government “of, by and for the people” might have been useful propaganda at one time, but today this concept is unfortunately laughable and insulting.

Frankly, if POTUS gives this thing a pass, well my. You will see how quickly your voter base will shrink. Believe it. People are watching this one and they know. They know.

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