Saturday, July 22, 2017

The satanic lesbian libtard left and their cuck beta orbiting cucks in the covens want every western country filled WITH MILLIONS OF HATE FILLED JIHADISTS FROM THE MIDDLE EAST. A jihadists is a Muslim who has TAKEN THE BLOOD OATH TO KILL AS MANY NON MUSLIMS AS POSSIBLE, THE MORE THE BETTER. And these stunted libtard souls want them here. To kill Christians, so they can fulfill Albert Pike's master plan of pitting the Muslim against the Christian or any white person. 

And with the left, BLM, Antifa and other satanic groups in support, these jihadists KNOW little or nothing will happen to them. It's been arranged.

Support Trump. Be vocal, as I AM, in exposing this evil plan before YOU or soemone you know, DIES in an attack, coming to a city or town in your world. 

Because it is coming. These Jihadists kill 3 to 5 thousands western peoples - 99% white - and the numbers DOUBLE EVERY YEAR.

Hell is coming. And they are making with nice nice by calling it diversity. Stop being a spineless, do nothing coward and for Heaven's sake, at least wake people up.