Friday, July 28, 2017

BREAKING: Congress Seeks Wasserman Schultz Testimony in Awan Brothers Investigation, probably to give the lesbian a free pass

It appears the walls are closing in on former DNC head Debbie Wasserman Schultz. Congress wants answers and they want them now. The Democrat Congresswoman is being pursued by her peers to testify about the Awan brothers, three Pakistani IT staffers, accused of stealing hardware and sensitive information from Capitol Hill. 
Ordering murders. Police found evidence on seized laptop indicating Schultz, while under orders from HILLARY, ordered Seth Rich's murder and others. But of course, no arrests. Her kind - connected satanists working with the CIA - are NEVER prosecuted. Ever. Should it come to that, they kill them them off, as so often happens. And this pig is in charge of the DNC?

Washington Free Beacon reports:
One of these IT staffers, Imran Awan, was arrested this week when trying to travel to Pakistan and charged with bank fraud after a months-long investigation that found he wired nearly $300,000 to that country. Several other staffers tied to Awan are the focus of an investigation into claims they stole sensitive equipment and illegally penetrated the House IT network.
Leading members of the House Judiciary Committee and Government Oversight Committee told the Washington Free Beacon that the appropriate congressional bodies should launch an investigation into the illicit IT activity, which could include asking for testimony from Wasserman Schultz on the situation.
Wasserman Schultz’s testimony is of particular interest as she has come under fire for keeping Awan on the House payroll even after information about his actions became public and not cooperating with the investigation.
Lawmakers expressed their concern that some of the information potentially stolen by these staffers could compromise congressional officials.
“In addition to the criminal case that is now underway, Congress needs to get answers regarding the scope of Imran Awan’s misconduct and the access he had to sensitive material in the United States House of Representatives, including why he remained on the House payroll for so long,” Rep. Ron DeSantis (R., Fla.), a member of the Government Oversight Committee and chair of its National Security Subcommittee told the Washington Free Beacon.
The Gateway Pundit reported Thursday night that Lt. Col. Tony Shaffer revealed to Laura Ingraham, who filled in for Tucker Carlson, the Pakistani IT staffers were sending sensitive information to the Muslim Brotherhood.