Monday, August 17, 2015

Trump, Hitlery, et al

Here's the thing. What the whole Trump talking like Ron Paul with money is the same old dog and pony show they rolled out 20 something years ago with Ross Perot. Remember him? Well, because he talked like middle class Americans and spoke their feelings, a lot of people rallied behind.

He was nothing more than a vote lightening rod. He was put in to split the GOP vote bloc to ensure Clinton's win. All Perot accomplished was to take away enough votes from the serious contender at the time to give Bill the votes needed to get elected. They did the same thing with Palin in 2008.


This old trick is so old it has whiskers.

And now, it's Bill's lesbian wife, Hitlery. And to make sure she gets it, they rolled out Trump. And enough simpletons will vote for him, siphoning votes to guarantee she'll get into office. The only other way, is a late runner Arnie as GOP and Trumps fades.

It depends. But given the Sodomite direction of things, the network wants their witch in office. And they'll get it, too. They put in a non American and a tranny in the white house, she's easy in comparison.

Welcome to hell America.

Semiramis, a witch by any other name