Monday, August 10, 2015

The Deeply Flawed Elite

Dear Friends,
It seems to me, the Elite should look to the plank in their own eye, before trying to remove the mote from our eye. The absolute hubris of the Elite is dumbfounding. They are all deeply flawed, not only as human beings, but especially, as elected officials. They lie when the truth would serve them better. They attack their own policies when they run for office. They create problems and claim to be the only ones who can solve them and they hold the American people in absolute disdain. This is not only concerning it has led to every problem we face as a people, a nation and as a civilization!

Christ made this comment about people who should look to their own problems before trying to fix another’s. In this case we have people who are the epitome of egoists telling us we must reduce our standard of living. Al Gore burns fifteen thousand dollars a month in gas in his home yet he begrudges you driving to work. The hypocrisy they show is stupefying. Obama lives and acts like a monarch yet claims to be a friend of the working man? This is absurdity writ large.

The Elite lie under oath regularly yet are never held to the same standard you or I would. Eric Holder is only the latest incarnation. His lies about Fast and Furious are proven by emails released to Congress and are in the National record. Yet, Roger Clemens is facing jail time, for lying to Congress. Hundreds of human beings died violent deaths because of Holder’s actions, yet it is the guy who chased a ball around a field, is the one the unbiased media claim is the threat?
Obama claims he wants people to be rewarded for hard work and doing the right things, yet every policy he proposes and has enacted, stand in stark contrast to his stated ethos. He seeks to socialize every aspect of our lives with all the pernicious incentives this creates. He rewards his political backers at the expense of hard working men and women. He is speeding down the road to serfdom and he sees no problem with Greece type taxing and spending. Every one of his backers has a problem with paying their taxes yet he seeks to raise mine and yours. I ask you… is this not hypocrisy over matched by hubris?

Every problem we face as a nation can be laid at the feet of our elected officials. Not only Obama but we stand at the end of a long line of leaders who have lived on the bad side of Glaucon’s dilemma. Remember Glaucon in Plato’s Republic? He asked Socrates if it is better to be absolutely just, while thought unjust, or to be absolutely unjust and considered just. The Elite are absolutely unjust while seeming just. The unbiased media make sure this paradigm never fails. They support the unjust and call them just… while the truly just are vilified at every turn.

If we change Glaucon’s question a bit to, is it better to be stupid and thought intelligent or to be a genius and be considered a fool? In the case of Obama and Biden we see the answer. In the arena of politics it is better to be stupid and considered intelligent than to be a genius and considered a fool. Biden is a gaff machine, and Obama the orator doesn’t even know… how many states are in America, that he should hold his hand over his heart while the National Anthem is playing, or even what language they speak in Austria. The unbiased media are again complicit in the cover up.

If the future of liberty and of the human race were not at stake, these things would be laughable, but the whole World is on fire… largely because Obama set it. We, as self interested individuals around the World, must wake up and stop laughing at these things, and vote the fools the media tell us are smarter than us, out! I don’t know about you, but I am deeply offended when the Vice President of the United States says, someone who has never done a thing or worked a day in his life, is more qualified to be President, than a plumber. In my world view, a man or woman who is capable of an honest days work, is far more qualified then any half wit who has spent his entire life mixing it up with communists in college! One of the best Presidents the United States has ever had… was Harry Truman! He never went to college, he was hated by the unbiased media, his store went under during Hoover and FDR’s depression, but he had common sense and respect for God… Something we sorely lack in our Elite today.

John Pepin