Sunday, August 16, 2015

Lot of information in this diagram, ignore the rapture blather, it's a lie

1212 year, shemitah, tetrad, solar and lunar eclipse, anti christ turns 33
here's the thing about it all. It won't be some BIG event. Not at all. These spiritual sign markers in the heavens MUST HAPPEN FIRST. That is all this is about. You either notice and pay attention to them - as we do - as they come along, and become aware, or you sleep walk through your life and believe any lie the satanic network lays at your feet. Which MOST DO.

Once these markers complete we shift from 5775 (1212) to the next cycle, then the physical manifestations will appear on the world stage. And how appropriate, for most will be ARRANGED AND STAGED EVENTS.

First, market crashes in FOREX or currency, Equities or stocks, and Bunds and bonds.

These will ripple outward into RE real estate, banking capital controls, and the biggy, lack of goods and services due to the destruction of the Dollar and the Euro.

As with all financial crashes, there was no immediate change, at first, in everyone's daily life. It took 18 months, as it always does, to finally hit every corner of every life. This time will be no different.

Whether we are talking 1929, which took until 1933 to fully hit the world en toto, or 2008 which took until early 2010 to do the same. Or any crash in any 7 year cycle, it takes 18 months for the thing to get into your world.

Having said that, you have time. To arrange your life, employment, and life style to account for a big 1929 style crash. Because 98 percent of the planet back then underwent a world wide depression. And know this, we are ALREADY IN A DEPRESSION from 2008. It's just hidden so very well from well controlled MSM lies spun daily to distract us from it.

THe truth is out there. Do your own thinking and research, open mind, open heart.