Saturday, August 29, 2015

The stock market crashed 2500 points in 3 weeks. NO ONE notices?

2500 points, or some SEVERAL TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS in pension funds, IRAs, investment bourses, retail investment and traders, is a staggering number. Even so, they brought it back up, with bull run ups in asset classes. But only 58 percent back.


The next crash will be on the order of magnitude of 4 separate slides on 4 separate days spanning six weeks. Keyed to new moons. This will effectively wipe out the markets worldwide and crash currencies. Already, 38 countries' currencies have crashed. Which means their paper script is worthless for buying and selling. there are only 196 currencies so that is 15 percent of the globe. Just for starters.

Once the pension funds, retirement accounts and middle class are effectively slayed, they intend to CONTRACT THE MONEY SUPPLY AND SLOW THE VELOCITY OF MONEY.

These two things are the REAL causes of any economic recession or depression. Velocity of money and contraction of credit, not stock valuations. Stock reversals are just wealth theft. Restricting the flow of money and closing doors to credit, large and small, freezes business and trade, everywhere and all at once.

Like the big crash the week after 911, maybe they'll treat us to another nice false flag by taking out a dam or blowing something up, like the twin towers. building 7, and the pentagon. Blame it on those pesky Americans who actually believe they have constitutional rights.