Wednesday, July 15, 2015

What’s going on?? AT&T, Vorizon, and T-Mobile all down in Cali right now…

Welcome to the CREATED CHAOS AGENT CRISIS PLAN. In Jade Helm, you have no name, only a number. A wrong number. It will always be a wrong number. Always.

Here’s the link to AT&T’s down detector page. People are freaking out all over the state..comments in the thousands right now!!
Can anyone report in on this thread that has these carriers what they’re experiencing?
Here’s a map of the states who are being affected right now.
Wow, some of these outage maps are lit up like Vegas. Looks like some people saying it started around midnight pacific time?
Time Warner Cable:

People didn't believe me when I told there would be days of power being out, water being turned off, stores being closed, and the internet being turned off. Everyone laughed.

Still laughing?
Operation Kill all the zombies in effect sir!