Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Silver at all time low...insurance against currency failure

  • If you keep cash or gold and police find it it will disappear.
  • The noose is tightening.
  • Keep a safe with a few coins in it, to open for them one day...keep the hoard  buried else where..
  • Anyone at this point who still trusts any bank, either with deposits or by using their "safe boxes" is beyond all hope. No amount of warning will help these people. They will only learn when they have lost it all.
  • Some people just have to have everything stolen before they see the need to take precautions. You can't feel sorry for them at this point, or try to warn them. Complete and total pity is the only appropriate response when they start crying about what they've lost. Until that happens they are deaf to you.
  •  State governments break into, sieze and sell the contents of safe deposit boxes all the effing time:


  •  the first rule about private vaults is you don't talk about private vaults
  • why metals keep dropping?
    1) TPTB need metals to remain low. A sudden rise will spook the markets, like it started to do a few years back. They nipped that in the bud, by using paper. It worked, at the time. Any time metals seem poised to rise, paper will be dumped until the price quiets down. This will continue as long as it works.
    2) Public perception has not yet caught on. Most average folks out there do NOT have any historical understanding of PMs, and their place in an economy. For now, they are going along with the conventional wisdom, and still prefer fiat-based forms of wealth. This will continue as long as that average guy trusts the fiat.

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