Tuesday, March 12, 2024

The Royal Family 2024

What's left of it. All the "royal" family pictures of late are AI. Fact.

That adjudication from August of 2022 and others since. It's worse than they are reporting. This is just stuff that's too visible.

Big rituals are underway. This stuff is woven in all over the boards and in the media for those who know what to look for. Sacrificed Princess? Traditionally they were sacrificed to dragons to keep peace with the dragon and stop it attacking the kingdom. 

The Royal Family has been done for a long time now, nigh unto 2 years.

 Only witches are still sycophants for these dying and judged lizards. For the fall of the royals, betokens the fall of all beneath them. This bloodline - sax-coburg-gotha - is dying. Too many inbred phreaks and poisoned breeders and there is nothing now to sustain them, for even their own fallen have abandoned them.

 Pedo plague, impotency, cancers, vax shilling morte, the works. Victims coming forward with proof of past evils done to them by these windsors.

Nothing weird about justice come due.

When your mom is a guy.