Sunday, March 10, 2024

Joe’s State of the Union medical cocktail


Everyone saw it coming—they were bound to prep Joe with some potent “medical cocktail” before the State of the Union. There was no way they’d let him take the stage in his usual state, drifting off like he’s lost in some nursing home daydream. In their playbook, it’s way better to have Joe all fired up, maybe on a blend of Hunter’s cocaine spiked with steroids and a few extra enhancers, raging and ranting at full volume, rather than quietly drooling on himself. However, this high-octane strategy comes with its own massive drawback.

Sure, the left and the regime media dodge the cringe-worthy flood of clips showcasing Joe’s linguistic adventures—mistaking Iran for “Kentucky,” chatting up the deceased, or extending handshakes to thin air. Dodging this bullet, though, only brings another problem to the forefront. The stark difference between the usual Joe and his turbocharged, screaming meemie counterpart is so over-the-top that it opens up a whole new can of worms for the regime. It becomes glaringly evident to everyone, both in the US and the world, that Joe’s team saves the “special sauce” for the big public appearances. And frankly, this realization—that they have to medicate him to make him slightly presentable—is even more alarming than watching him fumble through his words in real time.

That’s exactly the scenario we’re seeing unfold. In just 24 hours, Joe transitioned from a vein-popping, spit-flying, screaming spectacle, raging at the American people like a wild banshee, to losing track of his identity, profession, and the very reason he’s on the campaign trail.

In other words, the cocktail wore off big time.

It’s one of the most absurdly stark contrasts ever, and it’s so much worse than just letting senile Joe be senile Joe. Most people agree. Here’s what they’re saying:

“Makes you wonder if they are doing this on purpose. Complete change from SOTU.”

“They can’t give him the good stuff too often.”

“Give him more drugs he needs them. Hunters Whitehouse cocaine”

“They tried to put him out less than 72 hours later. Bold.”

“I called it “Hunters bump.”

“Uppers always wear off quickly…”

“It was obvious Joe was under the influence.”

That last observation hits the nail on the head. It was glaringly clear that Joe Biden was heavily “juiced up” to ensure he made it through the State of the Union without dribbling on himself. This isn’t the way to run a government, yet here we are, watching what feels like an extended SNL sketch set in a dementia ward. It’s high time for a change—enough is indeed enough.