Friday, February 16, 2024

Ford CEO tells Wall Street to forget Tesla

 See how effective these adjudications be? Gee, Elon, no one wants your shiteboxes anymore. And the fake spacey rocket man balloons and satelloons are also going to hairlip your panache, as well.

Betting on you is like putting a match to cash, and throwing gold into the sea. And the world knows YHVH is against you. But, I bet you have a surefire, 100% foolproof plan to turn this all around, right? Mister go getter. - go get yourself some repentance. That would be MY foolproof plan.



Ford CEO Jim Farley urged Wall Street to forget about Tesla as the future of the auto industry, arguing investors should instead focus on Ford’s “Pro” fleet business.
Ford Pro is made up of the automaker’s traditional fleet and commercial businesses as well as emerging telematics, logistics and other connective operations for business customers.
Ford expects the Pro unit’s pre-tax earnings to increase to between $8 billion and $9 billion this year, the automaker said earlier this month.