Wednesday, February 14, 2024

35yr old vax weapon shill influencer drops dead -

 Don't let the cross fool you. YOu don't wear your faith on your chest like a badge. If you have that symbol, wear it discreetly, for it is worn you remind you at all times and wherever you go, lest you forget, that Christ is with you always.

She is none.
She is a false prophetess who conned untold thousands into weaponizing.
She is dead.

  • Talks with  hands, spell casting, check;
  • Shifts, check;
  • Constantly teaches false doctrine, slave to glamor and vanity, check;
  • a witch, check.

 Listen sweety...there is a HUGE curse and judgment against those that shill for the vax - DEATH and pretty soon, right away kind of thing. You shill the mark of the beast, you die. Ignoring such things is simply retarded. When you see all the other shills keeling over by the dozens every week and still go forward for shilling for satan and pushing everyone to the edge of the abyss...there is no upside to this kind of path.

And what's waiting for you on the other side is not pleasant, for thy reward awaits you. As these kind obviously must want.