Thursday, February 15, 2024

After shooting NINE CHILDREN, MSM never labels black or Troon killers as MASS SHOOTERS as they do whites UPDATED

It's the jewbie Edomites trying to skew the shooter profile and as always, if black, they hide that fact and the pics, as much as possible.


When black or tranny phreak, the MSM quickly buries the story by day two. If a white guy, its milked for all its worth and always labeling the shooter as a 


Shoots 22 people, 9 children, killing one so far. 3 black men opened fire on group of white Kansas City Chiefs fans watching yesterday's  VALENTINE SACRIFICE to Moloch.

You never heard about these shootings. They made sure their protected class, IS PROTECTED from any media scrutiny. These were the mass shooters from 2022 alone. Huge victim counts. 2 are ALREADY RELEASED. To kill again, as killers do.

This is who is doing it to the world, not just America.

  • >Mass shooting at event with a million people
  • >Three in custody
  • >Mayor not wanting to politicize incident but “there’s a reason everyone is talking about guns”
  • >Media dropping mass shooting statistics like anyone actually believes in them
  • >Shooters are black
  • >Rachel Maddow seething in her dressing room she can’t blame white supremacy on this yet
  • >Likely gang members
  • >One seen in red (normal at a chiefs parade)
  • >One wearing blue bandana (not normal at a chiefs parade)
  • >Almost certainly have criminal history
  • You are here
  • >Almost certainly going to find out they were on bond or parole and released early by lightweight democrat judges and prosecutors
  • >Media will gloss over that fact
  • >Gun control debate will rage on
  • >Biden will blame ghost guns or demon triggers or antichrist optics or whatever retarded bill he’s about to have shoved back in his face by the Supreme Court in 9 months
  • >Nobody going to discuss gang violence or anything racially divisive between blacks or Hispanics
  • >Surely this will require another relief package for Israel
  • >Chiefs tag and trade Chris Jones for a bundle of mid round picks, trade up to draft Keon Coleman in the mid 20s, AD Mitchell at 32, and take Tyler Guyton in the second
  • >Black national anthem once again opens the Superb Owl
  • >Chiefs threepeat with another victory over the Rams

fixing the lies in place illegal alien troon mass shooter called WHITE

Canaanite jewbie, pretending to be white, insults its viewers.