Sunday, December 17, 2023

joe rogan CIA false hoax campaign against apollo and flat earth awareness

They build these deep set mini concrete bunkers for the camera, which is fixed. There are hundreds of these still out there from those days. The cameras are encased in a lead box, that was some 2.5" thick. All this was and is, run remotely. Folks with Geiger counters went out that way - area is saturated with radiation, can't stay there long or ELSE. Joe Rogan /CIA is trying to create false hoaxes to discredit the apollo moon landings fakes and flat earth awareness. 

Dude...CIA guys are pushing this, every time. Why are you trusting the enemy for truth when they are incapable of it. If its on a Joe Rogan show, there is an agenda.

Just go downwind of the old Mercury site with a pancake geiger counter. Look at all the dead stuff everywhere, no audible animal life, a deathly silence.

Rogan is Edomite CIA.

All the guys pushing this are CIA, every time you look. The fake CIA truthers on bithell are pushing this to kill flat earth and other awakenings. Radiation from heavy earth elements is real; fallen angel tech.

It's a sly, subtle campaign. And it's failing, unlike FE and Fake moon landings, among fake space and all that. It's a test of spiritual awareness and many of you are falling for this load of shite.

Now, at Lookout mountain laboratories in Hollywood, back in the day, they edited in things to spice up the shots, as they do in cinema to this very day. That was their mistake, trying to spice up the shots, as they do.

Because think - if  you believe this, what is the first thing that happens? You start doubting your new awareness in other awakenings, which is what we see. When Fukushima went off the waters for years off Ventura, which I faithfully tracked, was off the charts and didn't go back down until 2018. Fukushima nuke plant meltdowns were in 2011. That's radiation. From nuclear reactions. As all the nuclear reactors in the world do to this day. But, they don't want you thinking, just


  • The same people pushing this are
  • Elon rocket fanboys
  • hate flat earth biblical truth
  • shill for globetard stuff always
  • are NASA/Apollo shills 

 Frankly, it's both a spiritual and IQ test, given that radiation at these sites, even hundreds of miles downwind, is clearly evident to anyone will to take a drive for a few days. The death veil over the land is that heavy.