Sunday, April 9, 2023

I am officially ordered to approach no one's home in the valley

I am officially ordered to approach no one's home in the valley

Don First Fruits, April 9th, 2023

It started out such a lovely day. Sons Nathaniel and Matthew came up on the sabbath on Saturday and we had a wonderful day and night and morning in joy and fellowship.

I woke up. Cut an omer sheaf palm frond, went outside in the warm morning sun and declared Yeshua Risen and a great and LOUD testimonial of my love for Him that echo'd about the hills. The singing was wonderful. Then son Matthew and I talked of things that mattered for a long time sitting on a hillside. Truly a blessed beginning.

After breakfast, both sons had to return about noon to their lives. Like a complete fool, I suggested we take an hour, as we did in the old days, and go meet our neighbors. Say hello, introduce ourselves. It is a sunny and warm day, my first here in four months.

Both sons cautioned against such a stupid move—especially since the place reeks of death, blood, and frankly Tehachapi is a cursed land where nothing grows, except covens.

Nathaniel agrees to come along, although a good twenty paces behind me. We went to the nearest house and found a derelict site full of rotting things, old cars, and desperation and suffering. I kept calling out “Hello Hello” to no answer. The stench all could smell—of death and decay—anyone's nose would instantly sniff out at least twenty feet from what appeared to be the house/hovel, was that BAD.

We turned to leave and this car pulled up at fast speed and a big fat lesbian jumped out with her fists balled up for a fight. I explained ourselves. She didn't hear me; she preferred to swear and threaten people's lives was her thing. I apologized and left at once.

5 minutes later – which is fast considering the police station is 15 miles away – the police pull up, while I am talking in the street with neighbor number 2, and as well, another fat lesbian (wife, as she said to me and the police of the first lesbian who accosted me) pulled up that literally wanted to beat me front of the cops. That's the only thing that stopped it. Getting arrested for assault. They kept adding elements to the event—all of a sudden I had a backpack (no) and so on. Right in front of the cop who then questioned me about what was in the bag (I didn't have one, as repeated four hundred times.)

After an HOUR of each one of them screaming at me together and in turn, and the cop talking to me kept repeating how illegal and wrong it is to knock on someone's door or even step on their property, I was finally ordered, not once, but three times to NEVER STEP ON ANOTHER'S PROPERTY AGAIN. EVER.


I understand what that means from death dealers.

I left after them running me through every database they had. They at first said my Driver's license was fake, and that I was running some kind of a scam on them, and on and on it went. As none of that was true, they finally admitted I was whom I said I was and presented myself.

This is my life.

This is how I have lived since 1986.

It has never stopped. Every place I move to, I get this treatment. It's all I know.

I live in hell, to be sure. And Dad knows it. For He has brought me here; as He has ordered my steps for a long time now, since 1975 I know of.

I hope and pray your day of First Fruits with our Savior Risen is wonderful for you all.


PS Every place I move to, is uglier and more vicious then the one before it. If such a thing is possible.

PSS I did tell the cop "thanks for today's article."