Wednesday, April 12, 2023

A sandwich for 30 bucks...

This is known as a "handwriting on the wall" moment. When when a couple of slices of bread and some GMO bits of MRNA vax weaponized meat with lettuce, costs thirty dollars. Sure, it says ham & cheese-GMO. But they never mention that all cattle and fowl in the west is NOW VAXXED. 

In this moment, it hits everyone that the troon/jewbie government have created a level of runaway inflation not seen since the Wiemar Republic in Germany. And for one reason only, to wipe out the West in its final death gags.

As we are. Sad to say.

A great many of us are going to die over this, as per their plans. And everyone goes about their daily life, just hoping the power stays on. It won't. That's in the plans, too.

The death towers will always be on; they have a separate power source, from the grid we use. Folks don't know that either. I could spend all day telling you things you don't know, each one worse than the one before it, and never once repeating myself.


PS Even the organic, I discovered yesterday. That's right. Organic meats and dairy are exempted from the ORGANIC standards, and ARE REQUIRED TO BE MRNA Vax weaponized. I just became a vegetarian again.

You might say - correctly - that cooking disables the weapon. It does, except for all the Graphene Oxide load the animal got, plus other metal goodies like Aluminum, mercury, and other malicious nearly unpronounceable ingredients. 

Yesterday while at lunch with son Matthew, I had a bite of steak taco; that was not steak. That was in no way, a cow. Not in any land. I spit it out, threw the taco away. And this was from a premium dining establishment, not some corner taco truck thing, selling poison. The rice and beans were rather good, though.