Thursday, April 13, 2023

Prominent ANTIFA Operative is Revealed as Wealthy, Privileged Mental Health ‘Expert’ From Colorado

 Ms. Jewbie Nephilim witch, proudly declares murdering 3 of her own babies in the womb, but wants to kill herself, every single day. Her own words.

Her job is as a "transition counselor" to persuade children to do sex change operations.

Of course she is.

click on the link to her tweets. They speak for themselves.

This is the hand of the nephilim, destroying our young people, one soul at a time. She obviously needs her booster vax weapon upgrade. 


A prominent ANTIFA operative, who regularly spreads hate and vitriol anonymously against conservatives on social media under the pseudonym “Goth Bot Alice,” has been exposed as Heidi K. Lightenburger, a privileged wealthy mental health “expert” living in Colorado.

The Justice Report broke the story on Lightenburger’s identity, scouring through social media posts and other information on the internet in order to make the connections confirming that Lightenburger is in fact “Goth Bot Alice.” She rose to become a prominent ANTIFA operative, associated with the infamous doxxing collective It’s Going Down.

Lightenburger was initially exposed after one of her fellow mentally-ill ANTIFA comrades turned on her over a quarrel: