Friday, October 7, 2022

Killing a gasoline car, by slowly destroying over time, its best qualities

Typical GM shenanigans if you followed them for the last 50 years literally. 
  • Starting with the Chevrolet Vega, going to the Pontiac fiero, 
  • the 4 + 3 automatic transmission Corvette thing the mid 80s, 
  • making GEOS a brand and then dissolving it, 
  • making Saturn a brand that was somewhat independent then turning it into rebadged GM’s from all over the world, 
  • the way too small 4L60E transmission wedged into full size trucks, 
  • the peeling paint (down to the primer) of the late 80s to today, 
  • getting rid of all the rear wheel drive full size vehicles (what they were known for), 
  • turning Chevrolet and GMC trucks into the same basic vehicle, 
  • Cadillac garbage Northstar V8, 
  • the garbage Cadillac 4.1 and 4.5 l V8 engine family, 
  • the garbage 8,6,4 Cadillac displacement on demand, 
  • turning Pontiac into a mundane car then killing the brand, 
  • turning Oldsmobile into a mundane car then killing the brand when only 12 years before it was one of the best selling cars in America, 
  • the first generation Duramax Diesel that ate injectors like a clock passes time. 
  • Spending hundreds of millions of dollars designing the ev1 electric car back in the late 1990s then immediately recalling them smashing them all and then killing their program, 
  • killing the Chevrolet Camaro and bringing it back 6 or 8 years later destroying brand recognition. 
  • Taking the Hummer vehicle line well they were still popular and relatively good sellers and killing off the brand mind you this is during the rise of the truck and the SUVs instead of making more fuel efficient Hummers.
  • All in all these are only a few of the numerous problems GM has done since the early 1970s.
  • And it was all intentional to kill the US auto makers, so orientals could take it over using slave labor. 

I've driven the best truck ever made since March of 1990, original owner, a 1989 Toyota 4WD SR5 with elec windows, cruise control, 3 transmissions, sunroof, 6ft bed, camper shell, and 24MPG. I even had to live in it one year. Everything works, it gets me there, and it can go off road easy peasy. Same truck for 32 1/2 years. It still looks and runs, great. Something about looking after, appreciating, and taking care of the blessings He puts in our path. This truck has been certainly one of those blessings. It's moved countless people and myself, helped folks with item movabouts, camping and altar clearing, big and small adventures where He has led me, simple errands and that constantly. Thousands of bibles and orgone creations went into the world, out of this truck. Thousands. Anyways, point is, honor the blessings He gives you. Every Single day.