Tuesday, October 25, 2022

An evicted Don

I was evicted from my home, because the owner wants to live in it again, not for lack of rent payment. I've never been late, except once, and that was for 2 days only, 7 years ago. The law allows a 3 day grace in Commifornia. He is retired sheriff and that's that.

The point is, I am so very busy packing and searching for a place to live, I cannot serve this or the other sites except in a most minimal way. An hour-ish is about it. 

There are no affordable places to live in California, except out in the desert, or hours away from the nearest store or anything.

If I end up homeless-which has happened before-it will be more than difficult to service these sites going forward. I will publicly so state, when that happens.

The clock is running down on my time here and daily, I have to pack up a home for five. Happily son Nick was packed off to Washington state last week and has a job waiting for him and a home to get started. The others have places to live. That just leaves me.

And believe me, unwinding a home of five people down to a small Toyota truck is....


I hope our time here together helped you. There is enough information here and on Our Spiritual World to help you see the reality of our times.