Tuesday, October 25, 2022

Brad Scott dies from vax weapon he pushed on others

This fake christian preacher (most are) named his son Omairon - a satanic anagram for AM ORION. Which means from orion, the constellation in the sky for NIMROD - the ANTI CHRIST.

Think about it. Why would a bible belt anglo name his son after a known high power demonic such as Nimrod/Apollo/Abaddon/Osiris? Only a hiding in plain sight demonic, pushing fake rapture, and all the evil versions of the Holy Word.


It truly is scary. "Brad faithfully served in the church throughout his life. He previously served on staff at Crawford Road Baptist Church (world council of churches, CIA) as a youth pastor. He later served as worship leader for Westminster Presbyterian Church. He ended his life as a faithful member of Christ Community Church".

So the question becomes how many of his fellow church members and young people did he persuade to kill themselves with this abomination of a shot? If you were pushing this death shot and you are gone I don't care who you are/were. You need to go or needed to go before you helped hurt anyone else.