Wednesday, July 27, 2022

The satanic elite are retarded

The satanic elite are retarded

Don Bradley

The Elites failed to consider that it's NPC/coven droids and stunted souls who will follow the mandates and make themselves die of VAIDS, not folks whom think and consider a thing before believing. The same people who are untrusting of liars, spells, and mind control fake realities. Whom also are aware their own government is trying to KILL THEM ALL and therefore mistrust all forms of authority. All they did was just poison all of the NPCs who keep this system together. 

So, I'm going with retarded. You trusted demons and I can prove in a few words, why even just without the host of heaven—which we have and since the beginning of time—your plan was doomed from the outset. That was your mistake. A big one. You trusted the demonic realms instead of turning inwards and upwards to Him and His wonderful Grace.

The rest of us are fine. We are not weak, stupid, easily conned, nor retarded. And we have Yeshua. Most of us. The rest will be along soon enough, on the big wheel of divine fate..

This was their plan below.

  • Roll out hoax flu/covid "vaccines" to decrease population for the great reset

  • Pressure people into getting it through mandates that make you lose your job if you don't get it

  • It's literally the perfect plan my fellow je-


  • The most spiritually tuned and strong people don't get the jab

  • try to get them to get the jab through multiple waves of jabs

  • The unvaxxed only get more spiritually tuned and strong

  • The NPCs and coven droids die of seizures/heart attacks/renal failure/ et al—a lot of them, every shot

  • The poc die of VAIDS (Sexual Transmission)

  • Phags and Phreaks die of VAIDS (Sexual Transmission)

  • The situation is getting out of hand as spiritually tuned and strong are increasingly becoming a higher % of the population for every wave

  • Roll out propaganda so they lose their friends and become outcasts

  • they have no friends

  • NPCs are more dependent on their friends

  • That face you make when you realize you just made it so more NPCs get the jab and not the spiritually tuned and strong

  • That face you make when you made the situation worst

  • That face you make when in 1 year from now when all vaxxies die it's literally over