Monday, July 11, 2022

President Pedo Sniffy vs Joe Biden

Joe Biden has been dead for years. Fact. I heard heart attack. Like usual, just because a demonically infested gimp dies, doesn't mean you can't milk the effigy of the corpse for the ultimate lie of politics. People believe a dead guy is alive and running the country, of all things. Think of it like the globe bs or Fake moon landings; it's all about filling your minds with fictions so that nothing you believe TO BE TRUE IS REAL.


Joe Biden, dead guy and one of his latex mask replacements, the Sniffy.

Someone didn't glue the mask on very good. Barbara, you failed again at your job. You're fired.

The sniffy likes young children, especially boys. He's also big on being tranny raped.

Traumatized SRA MKULTRA children. It's for a reason they do such horrors to children.