Thursday, July 28, 2022

Elites push groomer parades in spite of plague

Wow. They really want an enormous pile of walking dead people in a couple of months, all hunting the elite down for a meal. So be it.

So, this phag, the CEO of the WHO (privately owned company)...

Little boy rapist and adrenochromer.

Is pushing for worldwide groomer parades with all the worst phreaks and phags to continue. So they will. Can't stigmatize the fags, because they are ALL fags. The gay mafia is all powerful in our time.

During the countdown to doom, they use the plague to force a cashless society.

Then this nasty Edomite skank gets called on the WHY and HOW the children got the phag plague and...

And while all this is going on, the evil satanists always get out for murder, when a cornered man by axe and bat wielding thugs gets life + 419 years trying to save his life.

And this evil Edomite just got heavy prison time knocked down from years to months, if that.



And in closing, the Faux Vic President of the United States of America reminds us...