Sunday, July 18, 2021

DHS plans public quarantine of unvaccinated rural Americans

DHS plans public quarantine of unvaccinated rural Americans. The training was over 7-13-21, which means they are already bad to go.

I've covered this already, but here is another confirmation.

Millions will die.

Also this. If you go to the camp, you do not get to come home again ever. That house, your house or apt or condo, will be seized and sold to some woke whatever or a duped immigrant family. All your property will be looted by thugs who will come in after the sweeps to get your stuff. 

Why get the rurals first? No 5G in this time.

Because they have guns, property, food, land, and a cohesive neighbor network THAT DOES NOT EXIST IN CITIES. Cities are already dead zones. Ramp up the 5G amplitude and they'll be on the ground begging for someone to kill them.