Saturday, May 23, 2015

Walmart now using Facial Recognition Cameras - so they can instantly know your identity and YOUR BACKGROUND

We finally have Solid Proof of Facial Recognition Cameras Being Installed At Walmart. These have been installed at the New Colorado Springs Facility. All Entrances and Exits Have These Bosch Camera Systems Set Up At “Eye Level”.

The website explains that the Cameras already come with software that can do a wide range of thing, from Tracking Cars to Peoples Faces. They could Virtually Tie In to Any Other Software.
Bottom Line, “It’s Here”.

You can find more info at the links below.
Content based Imaging

The DINION and FLEXIDOME HDR cameras use state-ofthe-art
Intelligent Video Analysis software (IVA) to detect
objects of importance and track their movements. To
take further advantage of IVA, a special mode called
intelligent auto exposure (iAE) can be enabled in the
camera. When this is used, the camera detects
important objects such as faces, people and vehicles
and then dynamically re-tunes its imaging settings to
ensure the most useful, highly detailed image is