Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Breaking News! Kent Hovind Is Now In Custody Of The United States Marsha...

Here's the thing. Remember the Bundy stand off thing from last summer? They stood back, the thing defused, and the supporters vanished.
Then, they came at the bundy's through other means, but the supporters were gone by then, the energy and focus had dissipated.

I perceive the same play here. Right now, with us, it is a full court press of SPIRIT AND PRAYER. For brother Kent.

With all contact cut off, gone to who knows where and why, the darksiders are hoping we'll just drift away and all the SPIRITUAL PRESSURE AND PUBLIC OUTCRY will dissipate.

Knowing this, it seems we should keep up with the prayers, with fasting, and stay focused. Share the info on blogs, as i am doing and others, keep the word and focus spot on.

Seems to me...