Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Because he's starting to make enough on his child trafficking ring

  • Like Jordan Peterson in 2018, he appears out of nowhere...but a deep dive reveals 2 investigations into child trafficking.
  • CIA asset, like edomite Peterson.
  • Teenage boys flock to his narcissism as he appeals to young boys for an audience, like Peterson.
  • Nephilim Edomite, CIA father.
  • Covered in satanic sigils and snakes.
  • Grooms young boys, they disappear...forever.
  • CIA loves full naming: Emory-Andrew-Tate

Oh yeah, we have a winner!

Every one of his promo pics, in love with himself, he gives off Illuminati hand signs, 666, something. This is yet another "influencer" destined for the grave.