Wednesday, June 15, 2022

Our Spiritual World: These creatures that are growing inside vax droids...

Our Spiritual World: These creatures that are growing inside vax droids...: Why didn't I see this before. Of course! For over a year I just felt these odd things showing up in autopsies and blood work were someth...


The Ivermectin
A while ago I posted about Ivermectin I purchased in Mex. It was the type for "anything but people". Which obviously means the difference is the label. Here is how it went:

We got blood tested for Covid and did not have Covid. I took it anyway because I have NEVER been de-wormed. On day 1, taking the exact dose Bangladesh said worked for Covid, up scaled to "American size" (20 mg ivermectin daily for five days) 2 parasites came out of my left leg. I never knew they were there. I was driving when it happened and could not pull my pants up to see. They left 2 holes, one went away that day and another is finishing up healing now.

On day 2, (second dose) all the worms died and I have been de-wormed. You have worms but you don't know it. No one can live that many years and not have worms, you, the reader, have them too even if they are only microscopic nematodes. Not that it really matters but I am happy to see them gone.
On day 3 I noticed some bumps I had were disappearing and nothing ever worked on them. The are not obvious, just noticeable. I finished all 5 days and since it kept decreasing the bumps, I kept going. I have now exceeded the recommendations bangladesh gave considerably and have had no ill effects, in fact, except for when dying parasites were releasing toxins in the first couple days, I have not been able to notice anything at all. The ivermectin affects nothing it seems.

One thing people might not realize: If you take ivermectin and you feel sick, it is probably because you killed parasites and they released a bunch of toxins when they died. You will feel the toxins from dead critters, not the ivermectin. I'll give another example:
When people get radiation poisoning and their hair falls out, the radiation is not what caused the hair to fall out, dying cells releasing toxins into the blood stream are what makes hair fall out and if you are killing parasites you never knew you had with ivermectin while "killing covid" and your body has to soak them up after they are dead, it will affect you even if the ivemrectin did not affect you at all. This can be mistaken for the ivermectin causing problems, when really it was all the dead parasites.

Everyone has parasites, and ivermectin is sold for people in Mexico. It costs betwee $1 and $5 per dose depending on what brand you get and they are all the same stuff. I did not get that type because I wanted hundreds of doses for $30. THAT SAID, There is no difference in the quality of diet in Mexico and the U.S., provided you avoid the food stands in Mexico City (they are safe everywhere but there and I wonder why) but that said, the food quality is equal and Mexicans have ivermectin for people readily available. Americans need it just as much and never get it, probably because the doctor can make more money by treating the symptoms and not getting rid of the bugs.

My opinion: Forget Covid, you ought to get ivermectin just to get rid of your own parasites. Odds are you definitely have them, so why not??
To make it clear: If you are an American, and you do not weigh over 250 pounds or under 100 pounds, the data from Bangladesh re-calculated to American size states your Covid dose is 20 milligrams daily for five days, for a total of 100 milligrams. I did that and could not notice a thing. This is based on data openly published by Bangladesh. It is not MY medical advice, it is THEIR medical advice, I am only repeating it after testing it on myself with a form of ivermectin that can be precisely given."