Wednesday, June 15, 2022

"Doctor" Jane Ruby

Jane Ruby Poster

I stopped posting after a couple of weeks last summer anything from her and Stew after several warnings they were controlled opposition. The info was legit, but stunted; she and stew always seemed to neglect any most key information on whatever topic. That's not necessarily bad, but negligent in a minor way. And no doubt about it, the info helped others. But it was controlled to IGNORE ALL THE SPIRITUAL COMPONENTS OF WHAT THIS VAX WEAPON REALLY IS.

First, she's not a doctor. She has her own IMDB and is a producer. She is educated, as most of us are, with a few degrees. I have a few and a teaching credential, but in no way would ever publicly call myself a DOCTOR. Her doctor status is exactly the same as Dr. Phil, not a real doctor. Though she is called a real doctor, sold as a real doctor and all that. Just think CIA and you have it.

From IMDB.

Jane Ruby is a Washington, DC based television personality, New Right political pundit, film producer, author of "A Sea of New Media" and has hosted several television shows such as Dr Jane's DC and InsideLookTV Magazine. A graduate of the University of Rochester, she holds two doctoral degrees in Education and Psychcology, two Masters Degrees in Nursing and International Health Economics and is highly published in global health economics as well as contemporary media and social issues books and articles. Her website contains blog posts and interviews of and by her.

The whole point of controlling the narrative as they reveal is two fold. To satisfy a spiritual requirement by Heaven that anything done must be revealed to them of which you do. Or else. Satanists know this law all too well, and when they violated it, the punishment was severe enough (it was done to them, what they will to others). And they didn't like it one bit. Not now nor thousands of years ago. Secondly, make sure the perception in the world, is the one and only one, they will allow the world to have, thereby missing the main point of it all and the how and why of it. As always, the stinkers.

Just like the "health ranger."