Tuesday, April 19, 2022

US munitions levels at dangerously low levels


Ukraine's uber gay senior buttboy commander in drag. Globohomo CIA, of course.

Of course they are. That's part of the point, to weaken the country for China's big move as an invader. Like with the Sniffy regime paying farmers not to plant and to destroy their crops, rather than bring them to market. How does a super power get rid of its enormous stockpile of weapons supplies so another country can just walk all over us?

Can't throw them away. 

But you can GIVE them away...to the Ukies, who then throw them away.

This is but a feature of their plan in all this Russian/Ukraine border war. More and more, we see the take down of our great country, a piece at a time, a sector at a time, and in every possible way so there is no recourse to recovery.