Wednesday, April 6, 2022

Money - It will happen like this

The west, they will implore us, to stay on parity with the gold backed Russian ruble, is FORCING THEM to do the same. A QR digital money backed by some insignificant amount of gold, like a gram. As Russia did. A measly gram of gold, which is nothing.

The Russian Central Bank has publicly stated that the Russian Ruble currency would be Bound to Gold as of March 28, 2022. The rate per gram of gold bullion is 5,000 Rubles.

Each TROY ounce has 32 grams. 160,000 Rubles is 32 grams times 5,000 rubles each gram. 

The Ruble to US Dollar exchange rate is 100 Rubles to 90 Kopecs per US Dollar.

When Rubles are bound to Gold at 5000 Rubles per gram and there are 32 grams in a TROY ounce, one ounce of gold costs 160,000 Rubles. When converted to US Dollars, gold costs $1600 per ounce when using Rubles rather than $1,928 per ounce when using Dollars.

When it comes to Gold Bullion, Russia has just stripped away nearly 30% of the value of the US Dollar globally.

Worse, because Russia will only sell its oil and gas in Rubles, and Rubles are now set at 5,000 Rubles per gram, anyone who wants to buy oil or gas will have to pay in Rubles or gold, and the gold they tender as payment will not be worth the US Dollar value!

This is the final nail in the freedom coffin from the NWO gang of devils. This year.

THIS YEAR, late, possibly early 2023, depending upon celestial alignments which they and our Father sticks to, even though nearly the entirety of humanity is oblivious of.

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