Sunday, June 6, 2021

Alien thing cancelled?

All the woke intelligence agencies yesterday announced NO alien disclosure. Further, they say there is no proof of aliens, etc. All over the news last night, late.


Steel factories, what few there are that are left in the USA, seem to be blowing up. 

And no one notices that Cascade Steel in Oregon is down now and so is Everaz Steel in Colorado exploded and down—-both out for 6 months or more—-how about the price of steel—how bad can you screw up the US economy and say oops—and anyone want to bet on who and where the virus attacks or shut downs are coming from—yeah blame it on the Russians—please—No wonder they are dumping the dollar—-Anybody seen the spooks lately or how about the Mossad and anyone seen or think the CXhinese might be behind this. I mean they are all over Canada but blame the Russians—–Buy that Chinese steeel now—-