Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Facebook Bans Hundreds Of QAnon Groups, Pages And Instagram Accounts

 acebook on Wednesday announced that it has banned hundreds of pages, groups, and Instagram accounts tied to "US-based militia organizations and QAnon, according to a blog post.

The company claims they have "seen growing movements that, while not directly organizing violence, have celebrated violent acts, shown that they have weapons and suggest they will use them, or have individual followers with patterns of violent behavior."

So - a group which has done nothing wrong, but might, and who have scary followers, is no longer allowed on the platform.

QAnon followers believe that President Trump is part of a military intelligence operation by 'white hat' insiders to take down the deep state by arresting and prosecuting corrupt government officials and satanic pedophiles. Whether this is true or not, the left has decided the QAnon movement is a threat, and Facebook's blacklisting follows a similar move by Twitter last month.

And while Facebook claims they've removed '980 group, 520 pages and 160 ads' by 'militia organizations and those encouraging riots, including some who may identify as Antifa' - a surprising number of Antifa accounts remain which include aggressive, armed members who routinely organize protests over Facebook. For example, a Texas Antifa Cell, Red Guards Austin, has a blog post entitled "Everywhere a Battlefield" in which they claim "The war is not coming - it is here and now."

And their currently active Facebook page:

Meanwhile, Antifa also used Facebook to organize a violent protest in Provo, Utah which resulted in an Antifa member shooting an innocent man driving a truck.

Another Antifa group, the Civil Defense Corps - comprised of "former infantry" and having formed "Reserve Units," encouraged their Facebook followers to shoot Federal agents "in the face."

Via Far Left Watch:

The Facebook page (archive) of the leader of this militia group, Walid Hakim, is littered with Communist iconography and Black Lives Matter logos. And after encouraging his Facebook followers to shoot Federal agents “in the face” using his Civil Defense Corps account, he later used his personal account to encourage people to attend an upcoming protest at South Carolina Law Enforcement Division (SLED) in downtown Columbia, SC.

Hakim's Facebook page is still live as of this writing.

Yet, QAnon groups which are "not directly organizing violence" are banished. In other words, tens of thousands of non-violent Trump supporters can't build energy going into the election.

What's this really about, Zuck?