Friday, August 7, 2020




The Karen's virtue signalling withdrawals would literally kill millions of sjw womeme twatter stooges if they were to find out Ellen and the likes of her was a child molester. The news has to be broken slowly to them.

 I knew this was going to happen when they started to slowly ease people into the idea of Ellen being a meanie. I wonder if they want to soften the blow so you focus on Ellen being horrible rather than expanding it to anyone she was associated with.

 It is what it is. They promote you and give you opportunity to make a career at the top end of the entertainment industry, A star status. Then one day you die. How those people know before it happens idk.
It's an open secret in Hollywood.

Maybe they keep asking you to do shit and eventually you say no and realize no=death. Look at all the fucking tranny celebs that just overnight transitioned...
Who knows. But it's a real problem.

 No. During the week that lockdown happened, after the genetic sequencing for covid was discovered to have 33 repeating A base pairs, while it was still very niche and specialized knowledge, Ellen started posting videos from her house. One included her wearing a hoodie with a repeating A pattern and a Wilson (volleyball from that shitty Tom Hanks movie) satanic looking face.