Friday, July 27, 2018

There is no nibiru...that was a Nancy leder scam that was started back in 99 and she was exposed as a fraud in 2002. Research zetatalk and that Scientology op.

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As with Flat Earth, twenty years ago, there was this whole push by ZETA-TALK and NANCY LEDER, with this whole Nibiru psy op.

There is no NIBIRU. We busted that op back in 2001/2002, when they had Nancy Leder fronting it (think Elon Musk). For two years she kept saying, with her cult of witchcraft followers, that it was going to appear at this time or that time. We even had telescopes in front of her apt banging on her door..."come out Nancy, come see where this thing ISN'T."

After providing a TON of proof that she was lying about everything she said - because we fact checked it with field work - the CIA, which we also found out she had connections with (which means she was a contract change agent,) finally pulled her and she vanished. I was there. She was a witch. And sold lies. Constantly. 3 long years of checking everything she put out, proving it was a fiction. Fake CGI stuff, poor Photoshop, and endless circular logic on the whole meme. Or Op, if you  prefer. The word MEME, didn't exist back then.

She went away. Then in 2012, they brought the op back into play, ten years later, and sure enough, the same old dodge. The only difference is, they kept Nancy out of point on the op, and all the well-poisoners they had groomed as a mass hysteria thing on YouTube, took her place. It's the same old dodge. Nibiru is changing weather, hiding behind the sun, is going to appear here and there, and oh! here is our latest NASA picture to back it up. Really? NASA? We are to believe those lying scoundrels. Buzz Aldrin just went public recently and ADMITTED ON FILM THAT THE APOLLO MISSIONS WERE FAKED. And we are to trust NASA? And any of these reptiles?

It was summer of 2012 or abouts, what with the whole end of the world, south American bs scam everyone was running to plant and use FEAR on the population. Which, of course, we exposed that too. No one was listening. It's very hard to get heard with the truth when you are shadow banned by YouTube, google, and everyone else. Because, every major black psyop they come up with, we expose. By we, I mean myself and others.
I've seen these operatives. They are full of spite and poison. 

There is no Nibiru. Never was.

They are making RAHU, the black sun, as Nibiru, so it will be accepted, and that is a completely different thing. 

The purpose of that celestial object, is disk-like opaque circle. Which, as people are GOING TO LEARN, is part and parcel of the whole eclipse issue. Not the moon and the sun. Enough proof was finally exposed last August to open the eyes of those still trapped in the world of number, weight, and measure to inform them that this object is and always has been, part of our sky.

In fact, I covered this research last summer, here on this site. It's a beginning, but it's also all over the ancient mythology of the 70 primary nations, that YHVH created at Babel. Each culture has their own myth about Rahu or the black sun. Different, yet the same.

I will get into heavily when the time comes. For you see, its not SUN WORSHIP the satanists are into... IT'S BLACK SUN WORSHIP. Hence the silence on the matter. It's on military patches, temple walls, ancient poems and literature, et al.

Don Bradley

AS with NIBIRU, I am eyeballs deep in this whole FLAT EARTH thing. Since August 2015. If there is even one single hole in this, I will be upfront and center with it right here. But so far, nothing. All the data and research, including a great deal of my own unpublished, and everything checks out.

Unlike Nibiru where NOTHING checked out.