Monday, January 15, 2018

Thomas fire PART TWO - land slides that are taking out entire neighborhoods. The reason for all those busy bee fire starters, long after the main fire came and went.


They knew rains were coming, its that time of year for that. So, to keep with Agenda 21, and with kicking everyone out of the hinterlands and pushing that back into congested, anti-soul, crime ridden urban cities, they decided upon fires and rain to do the work of removing hundreds of thousands of people at a pop...all to take the land away.

As people are learning all over burned out Cali, permits to rebuild are not forth coming. It's always some new zoning this or that. Which was the point.

To get an idea of the size of just one of hundreds of landslides we've seen, here is one below that is some 400' wide and 1500' long. Fortunately, it's in a remote mountain area, only taking out a fire road they DIDN'T use.

Between the trees, the scar of burning and re-burning the entire range until all vegetation was finally gone. When we get a REAL rainstorm that lasts days, the damage to river bottom and homes out up against the range will be horrific...which, as foretold, was and is the plan.

However, in Santa Barbara and Carpenteria, these landslides are kicking out hundreds of families and the forest service is declaring eminent domain and the city and county of Ventura is working hand and glove to deny permits to rebuild.

And that's their plan. Fires now are all about aiming them at hinterland farm communities, with wells, solar power, and self reliance in organic farming. That all stops. What you can do for yourself, takes away THEIR CONTROL OF YOU. Put you in some shitehole city dump, where they control power, gas, water...and you are a victim to their upcoming and constant power outages. Which they are already telegraphing to the people in mailers we receive every month and allotments I myself am getting TELLING ME I CAN ONLY USE HALF THE POWER, HALF THE WATER, THAN I USED LAST YEAR.


What, that means half the showers and washings? What do you monsters think we do here anyways?

And the mailings are selective. Network assets don't get them, only Dad's people and immigrants.