Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Google Home knows Mohammed & Buddha, but not God or Jesus

January 26, 2018
Internet users are posting videos that show Google products refusing to answer questions about Christian figures, when the same products have no problem answering similar question about other religions and deities.
In a Facebook live video uploaded Wednesday, television producer and author David Sams asked his Google Home personal assistant a simple question: “Who is Jesus?”
“Sorry, I don’t know how to help with that yet,” the smart audio assistant replied.
Sams then asked the same question about God, and received a similar answer. “Sorry, I can’t help with that yet,” Google Home answered.
Sams said although Google Home “does not want to acknowledge Jesus,” he is able to offer answers about other religions.
When asked about Buddha and Mohammed, Google Home quickly read the opening sentence from each of their Wikipedia pages.
The audio assistant was even able to give a lengthy answer when Sams asked about his own name.
“So, my question is, is there somebody at Google that has something against Jesus, something against God? Is this a corporate mandate of some sort?” Sams asked.
Then, Sams asked Amazon’s Alexa “who is Jesus,” and the voice-controlled speaker immediately replied with the opening sentence from the Wikipedia page on Jesus.
“Amazon is Jesus friendly, Google, not so much,” Sams concluded.
Sams went on to urge his viewers to reach out to big box stores and tell them “please contact Google about getting the smart home products up to speed and include Jesus and God.”
“We have the power, ladies and gentlemen, to make sure that God – to make sure that Jesus is included in all of these smart audio platforms,” Sams said. “I don’t think Google needs any kind of controversy with retailers.”
Other Google Home owners have also posted videos showing their devices would provide answers about Hinduism and New Age…
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