Saturday, October 7, 2017

As in the days of Noah...nukes are NOT modern, but ancient nephilim technology now again on the world stage.

A 3500 year old hieroglyphic in India...also found in Chile and Egypt, reveal Nukes were common in the past AND WERE USED. In many places of the world, the ground is covered with trinity green glass that is still we know why.

speaking of why...WHY does modern archeology and science IGNORE ALL THESE FACTS? Because the truth of Earth interferes with their satanic Darwinian schedule of evolution.  Let's face it...they are scumbags who have been lying to us since they were bought and paid for by the satanic elite.

Everything we have been taught in school about the history of earth has and is a flat out lie.

Trinitite...radioactive glass created from nuclear blast found all over the world. in places of total devastation.

Fat Man, first plutonium bomb 1945

Fatman about to be loaded on B29

Image result for nuclear explosion in hieroglyphics
I showed this to someone and they said this was a pot for water and a tree...some people either hate the light, or just are willingly blind. Or both.