Monday, October 30, 2017

Self confessed lesbian and wiccan(witch whore of Satan) says in tweet that any child dressed as Trump on Halloween, she will take a bat and knock them unconscious to the ground.

by Dr. Eowyn
The Left are such tolerant, peaceable, inclusive people, they’re now beating up kids who don’t agree with them. How does a six year old agree with the psychotic machinations of the satanic covens in every community? The witches twisted and hate-filled world view is devoid of reason, compassion, and love - they are a cult of death, so killing and attacking children is what they do anyway, with their human sacrifices.

A cunt who describes herself as a Trumper resister, a medical professional living in Louisiana, whose “1st language” is “profanity,” and uses the handle @BrieDizzle tweeted this threat on Oct. 26, 2017:
“Any kid comes to my door dressed like Trump for Halloween is getting cold knocked the fuck out.”

To “cold knock” someone is to deliver a blow so violent as to render the victim unconscious.
@BrieDizzle’s tweet got 140 likes and was retweeted 32 times. Lesbian, hate filled cunts declaring war on small children and LAUGH ABOUT IT.
Here are some responses to her tweet:
: “Seconded.”
: “Awwww… Don’t knock the kids out. Find the parents and knock them the fuck out for buying it for them!”
: “I’m with you!”
: “I understand where you’re coming from—I’m with you all the way about the orange parasite in the WH.”
: “Every parent who dresses a kid up as Trump should be arrested for child abuse. At the least for mental child abuse…”
: “I gave all the candy to another kid with an already full bag so your candy should be trickling down to you soon. MAGA you little prick!”
@BrieDizzle’s (now unavailable) Instagram account says her name is Briar Stewart.

By tweeting to “cold knock” any kid who comes to her door on Halloween dressed like Trump, Briar Stewart @BrieDizzle has committed a federal crime.
USC 18.41 Sec. 875(c) states that it is punishable by up to 5 years in prison and a fine of up to $250,000, to transmit any communication containing a threat to injure the person of another, via the Internet — which includes social media such as Twitter — e-mail, telephone, beepers, or other means of communication. 

She should be reported to the FBI:
Others insist she should be hanged from a tree as a warning to others who assault innocent children. And where are the police?