Sunday, August 6, 2017

Witches Sabbat of Mid summer....every 6 1/2 weeks, and Ojai is filled this weekend with lesbian couples and witches.

They gather in covens, mostly women led by nasty warthog crones, and slaughter young boys, girls, and animals. On a walk one day a few weeks back we caught two jeeps out stealing dogs in a nearby neighborhood and alerted a man to what was going on and how he had just barely missed having his little dog snatched. The jeeps were going up and down, slowly cruising neighborhoods looking for dogs in front yards.

And, in front of us, they found one. And tried to get it to come to them. When I approached to stop the fat lesbian crone, she quickly tried to cover that it was a lost dog and she was trying to rescue it...then the owner came out and the jig was up. She took off fast.

Then both jeeps left the area. They had cages in the back, all empty at the time. And this is how people's dogs and cats go missing, and why you see those posters everywhere about their missing beloved pet, never to be seen again.

The covens use stolen dogs over raised animals, because they feed on the pain and trauma of the lost family pet when they kill it during ritual. Satanists are that messed up in the brain. And their Grand Druid chief, the HIldebeast, almost got into office. Of course, she's not an issue anymore. She died on 9-11-16. It's why she hasn't been seen in public since - just doubles doing green screen stuff for the idiot droid slaves of the DNC.

The Demoncrats got Trumped